Six Tips to Have An Effective Online Presence On A Shoestring Budget

Article published in Entrepreneur Middle East by Anna-Liisa Goggs

Most businesses wouldn’t think twice about whether or not to have a website or a social media presence, but as an entrepreneur working on a limited budget, you may want to think if it’s worth the trouble or investment. However, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, leveraging digital technologies means creating business opportunities.

As an…

Piecing together the social enterprise ecosystem in MENA

Article published in Wamda

Sourcing a definition for social enterprise could prove as puzzling a task as the term itself.

It’s a for-profit business with a non-profit mission; a sustainable business model not relying on charity to make a positive difference; a business that puts a social mission at the center of its strategy – it all finds a spot in the broader definition…

Dubai’s first ride-sharing company raises $350,000

Article published in Gulf News Journal


Carpool Arabia, Dubai’s first private ride-sharing company, has secured its first round of funding and will use a $350,000 investment to create a mobile application and enhance marketing activities for its service.

“We launched the platform and after a few months, 95 percent of the traffic was coming from people who want to commute from home to…

Entrepreneur magazine on iSolarWorkx

Article published in Entrepreneur 

Ali Abdel Hafiz, founder and CEO of iSolarWorkx, says that he set up the company, which creates DIY educational kits for educators and students, “to help the young generation understand science in a practical and creative manner, give them an opportunity to understand practical applications related to renewable energy (RE), and help them to be creative and innovative through the…

C3 Programs covered by SME Advisor in ‘Empowering social enterprises’ article

Article published in SME Advisor

Social enterprises are increasingly taking on mainstream businesses with their disruptive business ideas, innovative thinking and strong passion to make a difference. Yet, how many initiatives really support them and help them reach their full potential? Consult and Coach for a Cause (C3) is one such project that is dedicated to fuelling the growth of social…