Frequently Asked Questions

What is C3?

C3 is a UAE-based social enterprise that enables emerging social entrepreneurs in Middle East to become active agents of positive social change by leveraging experienced business professionals seeking meaningful ways to give back. C3 guides social enterprises through a step-by step process to ensure success and long-term social impact. C3 helps social enterprises clarify their needs into short-term, discrete projects giving volunteering experts a clear time commitment. C3 mobilizes experts to share their knowledge on a voluntary basis. We match professionals with social enterprises taking into consideration skills, interests and availability. C3’s commitment is to foster a network of amazing individuals who thrive on their contributions to society. Our collaboration is everyone’s success.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an independent and self-sustainable company that seeks positive impact on society and / or the environment using commercial methods: at least 50% of revenues come from business trading activities (i.e. less then 50% from donations / grants) and at least 50% of profits are re-invested in the company’s social /environmental objectives; its social impact has to be achievable, measured and proven.

What services does C3 provide?

C3 core offering is the C3 Accelerator Program: an advanced program for entrepreneurs that provides ongoing expert guidance as well as specific group workshops, webinars and one-to-one sessions for business performance and social impact’s growth. While enrolled in the C3 Accelerator Program, social entrepreneurs get access to our C3 online community of experts, as well as get media coverage and event speaking opportunities. Additional services outside the scope of C3 Accelerator Program can be provided by C3 and its partners upon request: if interested, please contact us.

What types of organizations can get access to C3 services?

C3 serves ‘social good’ organizations such as non-profit organizations and social enterprises through multiple services. C3 also serves for-profit organizations, such as corporations and SMEs, with skills-based volunteering programs and experts referral services. If you need more information, please contact us.

How are volunteers vetted?

In order to get selected as C3 Volunteers, corporate professionals, consultants, coaches and experts need to demonstrate relevant experience, knowledge and qualifications, as well as passion and commitment to social impact. Volunteers also need to exhibit basic knowledge of social enterprise models and social impact assessment by completing an application questionnaire and by going through an interview with a C3 representative.

What types of volunteering roles are available?

C3 volunteers can choose to become: 1) C3 Accelerators, helping C3 Social Entrepreneurs set yearly objectives and provide guidance to overcome their challenges and maximize their growth – Minimum commitment: 10 hours a year per entrepreneur, 2) C3 Experts, supporting C3 Social Entrepreneurs whenever your skills and expertise are needed to get to the next stage of their journeys – Minimum commitment: 6 hours per project per entrepreneur, 3) C3 Coaches, supporting C3 Social Entrepreneurs whenever your coaching skills are needed to overcome their challenges and keep going – Minimum commitment: 6 hours per entrepreneur. To get started, provide us with some details about yourself: click HERE and fill in a short registration form!

How much does C3 charge social entrepreneurs?

To benefit from C3 volunteering services social entrepreneurs have to pay nominal fees to confirm commitment. Volunteers only commit their time, experience and passion. Social entrepreneurs are required to pay the following fees: 1) A joining fee of AED 300, covering first-year access and including ~16 hours of one-to-one support* throughout the year; 2) A yearly renewal fee of AED 300, covering each following year’s access and including ~16 hours of one-to-one support* throughout the year; 3) Applicable registration fees per workshop / webinar; 4) A matching fees of AED 300 per expert module**. *Estimated market value of more than AED 8000 ** Estimated market value of more than AED 3000

Why do social entrepreneurs have to pay for volunteering services?

From previous experience we found out that nominal fees ensure engagement of both social entrepreneurs and volunteers: all participants in C3 programs need to have  “skin in the game” for C3 mission to be accomplished! In addition, C3 has administrative costs that can be sustained by small contributions from C3 programs’ beneficiaries. As all other social enterprises, if breakeven is reached, C3 is committed to re-investing profits into fostering the social enterprise movement in the Region and into supporting C3 social enterprises that show outstanding potential and serious commitment to their social missions.

Is there a reimbursement policy?

C3 doesn’t have a reimbursement policy. In case of no-shows for events and webinars, money will not be refunded. When a social entrepreneur pays for a one-to-one modules, he / she needs to indicate a deadline after which the requested support is no longer required: during that period, C3 proceeds with the matching process. If a volunteer is found within that period, the project can start. If no volunteer is found within that period, either the project deadline gets extended by the social entrepreneur, or another one-to-one module can be chosen. If the social entrepreneur changes his / her mind after a volunteer has been assigned, money will not be refunded.