Skills for Success Afghanistan – by C3 enterprise Ustad Mobile

Article published in Ustad Mobile’s blog.

Today there are still more than 4 million Afghan refugees outside of Afghanistan and over 1.5 million internally displaced persons within Afghanistan. Afghanistan has seen over 15 years of solid progress; GDP production is more than 4.5 times larger than it was in 2001 and school enrollment has increased from less than 1 million to over 9 million…

C3 Enterprise’s Nafham is Middle East’s largest educational platform

Article published in Egyptian Streets

With more than 60 million video views and 600,000 active students on a monthly basis in 5 countries, Nafham has cracked the entrepreneurial scene by becoming the Middle East’s region largest educational platform.

We sat down with Muhammad Habib, co-founder and COO of Nafham to learn more about the platform.


Nafham from Egypt wins 2015 WISE Award

Egypt-based C3 social enterprise Nafham won the prestigious WISE award: World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is an international, multi-sectoral and action-oriented platform for innovation in education that connects innovators, nurtures new ideas, and recognizes and supports successful initiatives that are helping revitalize education.

Nafham is a crowdsourced online platform providing K-12 educational content in Arabic, organized by syllabus and educational level. It is intended to…

Entrepreneur magazine on iSolarWorkx

Article published in Entrepreneur 

Ali Abdel Hafiz, founder and CEO of iSolarWorkx, says that he set up the company, which creates DIY educational kits for educators and students, “to help the young generation understand science in a practical and creative manner, give them an opportunity to understand practical applications related to renewable energy (RE), and help them to be creative and innovative through the…

C3 Programs covered by SME Advisor in ‘Empowering social enterprises’ article

Article published in SME Advisor

Social enterprises are increasingly taking on mainstream businesses with their disruptive business ideas, innovative thinking and strong passion to make a difference. Yet, how many initiatives really support them and help them reach their full potential? Consult and Coach for a Cause (C3) is one such project that is dedicated to fuelling the growth of social…