The challenge of operating a local produce only restaurant in the UAE

Article published in The National 

DUBAI // Offering diners locally produced food is a challenge but a restaurant owner says her efforts to do so has given her environmental insights and taught her about nutrition. [C3 Entrepreneur] Sara Tabana is using recycled materials to build her restaurant, called Roots Bistro, in Silicon Oasis. She will source most of its food ingredients from…

Team from Dubai Wins Third Place Globally at Accenture Digital Connected Hackathon

Article published in MENA Herald

Dubai – MENA Herald: A blitzkrieg of ideas and innovative prototypes that showcased digital technology at its best in an adrenaline-charged atmosphere marked the first Accenture Digital Hackathon that simultaneously took place in seven cities across Europe and the Middle East on November 27 (Sunday).

Held in collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai, and locally in partnership with…

Startup Plans To Cut The UAE’s Energy Consumption By 30% With Greener Buildings

Article published in Forbes

American entrepreneurs Charles Blaschke and Chris Burkhardt don’t have anything against cleaner burning fuels or Dubai’s bright-lights, big-city image. They just think businesses – and the buildings they operate in – should be using less energy.

“Our focus is to help people reduce their energy consumption because that can have a huge impact,” both economically and environmentally, says…

Dubai-based Taka makes energy efficiency its task

Article published in The National
Forget solar power. Charles Blaschke, managing director of Dubai-based Taka Solutions, says educating consumers in energy efficiency could have 10 times the effect for half the cost.
Taka, a technology engineering company, has been working for three years with corporate clients such as Fairmont Hotels and Standard Chartered Bank, helping them make their buildings more energy-efficient for…

Dubai’s first ride-sharing company raises $350,000

Article published in Gulf News Journal


Carpool Arabia, Dubai’s first private ride-sharing company, has secured its first round of funding and will use a $350,000 investment to create a mobile application and enhance marketing activities for its service.

“We launched the platform and after a few months, 95 percent of the traffic was coming from people who want to commute from home to…