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Making Money by Doing Good – C3 Starter Program now online!

Ready to use the power of business to make a change in the world?
The C3 Starter Program is now online: discover how you can MAKE MONEY BY DOING GOOD! 
Aspiring and established entrepreneurs will learn social enterprise best practices, will discover DOs and DON’Ts and will get ready to succeed in making a difference through business!
Experienced business professionals, consultants and coaches will get introduced to…

C3 to host Starter Program

Article published in SME Advisor

C3 – Consult and Coach for a Cause, is organising a special edition of their Starter Programme, on Saturday, the 27th of September, in Knowledge Village. C3’s Starter Programme introduces aspiring social entrepreneurs and potential volunteers to social enterprise concepts as well as to C3 Philosophy, to enable Middle East emerging social entrepreneurs to become active agents…