Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the world’s most interconnected Freezone, and the leading trade and enterprise hub for commodities, in partnership with C3 (Companies Creating Change) are launching the DMCC Impact Scale-Up Programme powered by C3.

The programme’s goal is to support impact-driven businesses by providing them with market access and enabling them to maximise their social and environmental impact whilst boosting their growth and financial performance.

The programme will support businesses to grow within the UAE and the region through providing exclusive discounts on their business set up costs through DMCC over a five-year period. More details of the programme benefits are listed below as well as the requirements for application.

You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Programme Benefits

Savings on business Setup Costs

Substantial savings on business setup costs with 70% discounts on full set up costs and flexi-desk space for the first two years
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Additional discounts on license renewal

Additional discounts on the licence renewal and office space from the third to fifth year (50% in year 3, 30% in years 4 and 5)

Scale-Up training

Group workshops and personalised training with business and impact experts

Networking and UAE market access opportunities

Access to growth opportunities through C3 and DMCC’s networks

Eligibility Criteria

To apply to the C3 Impact Accelerator Program, your startup must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Based in one of the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Qatar, and UAE.
  2. Operational & revenue generating for at least two years.
  3. Contribute to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Full-time commitment from at least one of the founders.
  5. Fluent in written and spoken English.

Not sure if you are eligible to apply? CONTACT US and we will be happy to assist you.

Application Process

Step 1: Fill Out the Application Form

Make sure you submit the completed application by February 18th 2022 and ensure that all the information you provide is accurate and up to date. 

Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Step 2: Complete the Growth Predictor Test

(Shortlisted applicants only)

If your application is shortlisted (we will select shortlisted applicants on a rolling basis), you will receive a link by email providing you with access to the C3 Growth Predictor test. This must be completed by February 25th 2022 in order to be considered for the semi-finals.

Note: the C3 Growth Predictor test is mandatory for all shortlisted applicants that want to be considered for the semi-finals, however the results are not considered in the selection process. The Growth Predictor Report will inform our program design team on what the selected participants need. This is an excellent tool to assess whether shortlisted applicants are growth-ready!

Step 3: Attend Semi-Finalist Online Training

By March 16th 2022, C3 will announce 40 semi-finalists that will access the unique C3 online training. The training includes interactive lectures and group workshops that Semi-Finalists will benefit from.

Lectures and Workshops: Throughout March 2022

Note: the Semi-Finalist online training is mandatory for all applicants who wish to be considered for the finals.

Step 4: Submit Assessment Deliverables

(Semi-finalists only)

If you are amongst the selected 40 semi-finalists, you will be requested to submit a few deliverables by the first week of April 2022.

The documents will be reviewed and assessed by C3 experts, who will interview and select 20 finalists by early May 2022 to take part in the final stage of the program.

Step 5: Congratulations!

(Finalists only)

The 20 finalists will receive access to the Finalist online training during the month of May 2022. The training includes:

  • group workshops
  • one-on-one expert support tailored to your enterprise's individual needs
  • networking events with investors

In June 2022 (dates to be confirmed) you will have the opportunity to simulate a board meeting with senior professionals and investors as well as participate in a pitch competition to win:

  • cash prizes
  • media coverage
  • pro-bono support from our blue-chip partners

Eligibility Criteria & Conditions for Application

To apply to the DMCC Impact Scale-Up Programme - powered by C3, your business must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have a financially sustainable business model, and an ambition to scale the business
  2. Contribute to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. A commitment to progress with legal incorporation into the DMCC following acceptance on the Programme
  4. Founders must be fluent in written and spoken English

The programme is open to all nationalities and targets businesses both within and outside of the UAE, across all regions globally.

Not sure if you are eligible to apply? CONTACT US for further assistance.

Conditions For Application

Application Process

Step 1: Fill Out the Application Form

Submit your completed application on or before April 30th 2022.  Please ensure all information provided is accurate and up to date.

Please ensure you have you read through the form and the conditions carefully before starting your application to ensure you have all necessary material prepared. 

Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Step 2: Complete the C3 Growth Predictor Test

Following the application deadline, you will receive a link by email providing you with access to the C3 Growth Predictor test. This must be completed by May 8th 2022.  If you have not completed the Growth Predictor Test, your application will not be considered.

The Growth Predictor Report will inform our programme design team on what the selected participants need. This is an excellent tool to assess the performance of your business. You will receive a bespoke report, as well as tools and resources to support your business growth.

Step 3: DMCC Business Set Up

The selected businesses will go through the DMCC onboarding process to incorporate their business within Dubai and secure their license.

You will be provided with a dedicated Freezone focal point who will guide you seamlessly through the business set up process. For more information on required documentation, please refer to the DMCC Website. If you have any questions related to the legal process of setting up your business in Dubai with DMCC, please contact:

Step 4: Impact Scale-Up Programme Learning Journey

Selected businesses who have completed their DMCC Business Set Up will go through an eight-week online learning journey with C3 experts and trainers on various pillars including: Impact, Strategy, Business, Governance and Talent.

At the end of the programme, the selected businesses will be invited to an Investor Pitch event to meet with C3’s network of investors, experts and blue-chip clients. 

Step 5: Impact Scale-Up Programme Networking and Investor Pitch Event

Following the completion of the Impact Scale-Up learning journey businesses will have ongoing access to the C3 and DMCC networks as well as one on one access to the trainers for additional and targeted support requirements.

In early 2023, C3 and DMCC will host an investor pitch event.  You will be invited to showcase your business to potential investors.


What benefits do I get from being on the DMCC Impact Scale-Up Programme?

There are three main benefits:

  1. You will receive substantial discounts on your business set up costs with the DMCC (70% discount for years 1 & 2, 50% for year 3, and 30% for years 4 & 5).
  2. You will be taken through a 6 – 8 week learning journey covering 5 modules: Impact, Strategy, Business, Governance and Talent. This will help you align your business's impact model with your business model. The workshops are very interactive and hands-on and will allow you to network with your cohort members.
  3. Networking and market access opportunities – there will be several opportunities to network with experts and investors from the C3 network, who will help you in any areas that you think you require support on and also discuss your growth strategy. You can also capitalise on the strong network and events as a DMCC registered business.
Who are the trainers on the programme?

To learn more about the trainers on the programme, please visit:
C3 team members will also support you on some of the training work directly with you on the areas you need support on.

What commitment is expected from me?
  1. Incorporate your business with DMCC

    If you are accepted onto this Programme, the first step will be to complete the DMCC onboarding process to secure your license. You will be provided with one DMCC focal point to guide you seamlessly through the process. 

    As part of the business set up, you will be required to pay 30% of the typical business set up costs. The exact amount will depend on the package and license you selected. This is the only capital outlay required of you. You can visit the DMCC webpage for more information on set up packages and costs.
  2. Complete the Impact Scale-Up Learning Journey

    Following the completion of the DMCC onboarding programme, the training component of the Program will commence in late August / early September. Dates will be communicated closer to the time.

    2-4 trainings are scheduled per week which will take place virtually, usually starting around 5pm (GST) with an average duration of 1.5 hours. There will also be some pre-reading material to prepare before attending the workshop as well as a couple of deliverables at the end of the programme.
Do co-founders have to attend the trainings?

It is strongly encouraged that the co-founders attend the trainings. However, where there are topic specific trainings (e.g. finance) that may be more appropriate for another core team member to join, this is also encouraged.

Do you make any investments in the businesses on the programme?

No, C3 does not directly invest in the businesses on the programme and does not hold any stake in the companies. We will be able to put you in contact with some of the investors in our network who might be able to support you in your fundraising journey.

If I have applied or taken part in any of C3’s previous programme, can I apply for this programme?

Yes, if you have taken part in C3’s previous programs or any other programs by C3, the team will assess your application and make sure you are directed to the most relevant programme that fits the growth stage and focus of your business. We highly welcome C3 Alumni to apply for this programme.

If I leave the programme application form, would my inputs save?

No, please make sure to collect all your information and submit them at once. Once you have all the needed information, it should take you around 20-30 mins to complete the programme applications. Please ensure you also read the conditions for application at the start of the form carefully and fully understand that it is a condition of the program that Companies go on to set up their business with the DMCC Freezone as a first step of this program.

Who is DMCC?

The Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC), is a Government of Dubai Master Developer for Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and the Licensing Authority for the DMCC.

DMCC the largest and fastest growing freezone is located in a lake front development called Jumeirah Lakes Towers in the heart of Dubai with an unrivalled location ten minutes from Jebel Ali Sea and Air Ports and the Logistic corridor.

DMCC is the perfect location to position any business within reach of thousands of potential clients and alongside many global leaders. DMCC offers a great working environment in the perfect location at very affordable rates where you can both work and live in.

How many companies does DMCC have?

More than 20,000 companies call DMCC home, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups. A further 170 companies join us every month, 95% of which are new to Dubai. Whatever their size and status, every member company is united in benefiting from unparalleled access to world-class business services, connections and infrastructure

What type of entity can we set up at DMCC?

New company: is establishing a new entity owned by either Individual/s or Corporate companies or Joint venture (Joint Venture: when the new company is owned by both individuals and corporates companies & Subsidiary is when the new company is owned by one corporate entity) Branch: is basically, setting up an office in a new location for an existing company (the activities should be exactly as the parent company – or act as a Representative Office, keeping in mind that a branch should hold the same name as the parent company)

Transfer of Incorporation: is a process by which an existing entity wants to move to DMCC, without having to undergo the process of dissolution or winding-up in its original jurisdiction.

I’m not sure how many people I will hire in my first year?

The number of people you will hire and apply for a residency visa for, including yourselves as a shareholder will help you determine what kind of office you will need to rent for your license.

How many visas can I apply for under my company?

The number of visa allocated to your company depends on your office type. If you apply for a shared desk, you get a quota of 3 visas, with a serviced office its between 4 to 5 visas, with physical office its 1 visa for every 9 sq. meters. Otherwise, the available packages would mention the visa quota you may apply for if specified.

What are the visa costs?

It varies between roughly AED 2,000 to 5,000 depending on the validity and status of the application.

Benefits of setting up a company in DMCC

  • 100% Business ownership & capital repatriation
  • 0% Corporate and Personal income tax
  • Full digital process
  • Strategic Location
  • Flexible office solutions & freehold property for sale/lease.
  • DMCC Licensing Authority for JLT has a strong global reputation.
  • Live & Work in one vibrant community

What are the current available costs and packages available for setting up a new company and which ones are eligible for this programme?

The discount is only provided upon the selection of any of the following packages: Basic Biz or Jumpstart or JLT Resident package.

What is the original cost for each of those packages (Basic Biz, Jumpstart & JLT resident), what is the cost after the discount and what do they include?

You can find the indicative cost overview here. Please note that Terms and Conditions of the Programme and Package apply.

How long does the DMCC Business Setup Process take?

If your application is successful, you will be required to start the DMCC business set up process. Your company can be set up within three or four weeks. In the interest of maintaining DMCC reputation as the place for good business, DMCC conducts due diligence reviews as part of all company setup procedures.

Are there any share capital requirements?

Yes, the minimum share capital is AED 50,000 per company which will be requested to be deposited into the company bank account within 6 months from the license being issues. DMCC will also share with you contacts of personnel that deal specifically with DMCC who will be able to assist you with a smooth bank account opening process.

What are the documents required?
  • Valid passport copies (and Visa page if applicable) 
  • Proof of residential address in country of residence
Well known companies in DMCC?

Yes we have companies like Cargill, Hakan Agro, Chiquita and IFFCO from the Food industry; De Beers, and Damas from the Diamond industry; Petronas, Lukoil and Reliance from the Energy Sector; Huda Beauty and Bulgari from the Fashion Industry; Mitsubishi, Tenault and Pirelli from the Automotive Industry; in addition to service providers such as KPMG, Crowe Horwath, Clarkson, and Trend Micro.

What are the steps and process of setting up a company?

The entire process can be completed online. You can familiarize yourself with the process steps here in this link.

Can I check if my proposed company name is available before I submit my application?

We cannot check the name availability beforehand; it needs to be sent to the approvals team after the application being submitted as per the DMCC processes.

I currently have a company in another UAE Freezone, can I transfer that to DMCC?

Yes, you can transfer your company from any Freezone or jurisdiction in the world to DMCC; providing that the authority you will transfer from does not have any objection. For further guidelines you may visit this link.

What Types of Licenses does DMCC issue?

The types of licenses offered at DMCC are
Trade License: Import and Export license in a specific commodity or a product.
Service License: Companies providing consultancies and other professional services
Industrial License: To carry out light manufacturing activities as specified in the License

What kind of activities are allowed in the DMCC?

With DMCC, you can choose from over 900 business activities. These range across 20 sectors that include Energy, Commodities, Gold and Diamonds, Technology, Construction, FMCG, Healthcare, Aviation, Shipping, Education and Media, as well as services such as Professional, Financial, Personal and Community. For further details, please refer to the DMCC Allowed Activity List on this link.

How many activities can I have under one license?

Within each license type (Trading, Service or Industrial), up to 6 business activities in the same Division (activity code beginning with the same first two digits i.e. 51xx-xx) can be included in the standard annual license fee. Additional fees will apply when adding activities from a different Division. (Please refer to Costs Section)

Can a trading and service activity be on the same license?

No, they have to be on two different licenses. All trading activities will be grouped under one Trading License and all service activities will be grouped under one Service License.

What are the pricing rules for licenses and activities?

There are three types of licenses; Services, Trading and Industrial. Each license carries an annual fee of AED20,000 (Different Pricing for Industrial license, General Trading, Business Centre and Hotel would apply)
Within each license type, up to 6 activities in the same division (activity code beginning with the same first 2 digits i.e. 51xx-xx) can be included in the fee of AED20,000 annually.

Additional activities over 6 activities beginning with the same first 2 digits (i.e. 51xx-xx) can be added for a fee of AED1,510 per activity annually.

Additional activities that begin with the same first 1 digit (i.e. 50xx-xx) can be added for a fee of AED10,000 annually, and this allows up to 6 activities from that same new activity division (2 digit group i.e. 50xx-xx).

Additional activities that begin with completely different first 2 digits (i.e. 74xx-xx) can be added for a fee of AED20,000 annually, and this allows up to 6 activities from that same new activity division (2 digit group i.e. 74xx-xx).

Any activities that are from a different license type (Services, Trading and Industrial) will require a new license, at a fee of AED20,000 annually regardless of the code. (Different Pricing for Industrial license would apply)

If a company wishes to operate from two different buildings in JLT, a different license is required for each location.

Any amendment to license activities, will incur a one-time administration fee of AED1,510.

Can I apply for two separate licenses under one company name?

Yes, this is possible depending on the satisfaction of the conditions of the licenses. In some cases, where a company wishes to conduct several activities that are similar in nature the authority allows unlimited activities to be conducted under one license. However, if the activities are unrelated, separate licenses are required. DMCC offers a General Trading License that allows a client to trade from a paper clip right up to an airplane. The products and categories that are covered under General Trading are defined by Customs and are subject to change based on Customs requirements. There are certain product classifications that are not covered under General Trading License, including Defence Equipment / Military, Gold and Gold Jewelry, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry and Tobacco and Tobacco Products and any activity that is regulated by a third party. We recommend you speak to one of our expert Representatives who will advise you further. Please refer to activity pricing rules to identify the cost of activities mixed together.

If I have a Freezone company, can I do business outside the Freezone?

Yes, your company may conduct business outside of the UAE without restriction, provided it is legal. If you wish to trade within the UAE (known as “Onshore”) there are two main methods for doing so. The first one is to trade directly with an LLC company that has an import/export license. As part of the terms of trade, they would need to clear any goods through customs. Secondly, you may enter into an agreement with a logistics company that would clear the goods and deliver them to the mainland. For services companies wishing to provide services to a company outside the freezone, the general rule is that the services must be provided within the Freezone. There are certain exceptions, such as recruitment services where stricter rules apply.

Are there any activities that would require special approvals?

Yes, there are a number of activities that are regulated by third party authorities where a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required in order to add such activity on DMCC license.  For example, In order to open a Clinic in DMCC, an approval from the Dubai Health Authority is required.

Do business activities require specific property type(s)?

Yes, while most activities do not require a particular property type (Flexi Desk, Service Office, Physical Office or Retail Space), certain activities require a specific property type such as a physical office space or retail space. Please check the Property Type requirement related to your selected activity when searching for or selecting activities on DMCC Portal. For further details, please refer to the DMCC Allowed Activity List.

Is a business plan required for all business activities?

None of the business activities require a business plan, except for crypto-related activities.

As a Branch Company, can we add any activity that we wish?

A Branch Company can indulge in the activities that the parent company is currently performing provided these activities are available in DMCC or may act as a supporting office.

Can I buy an office in DMCC?

Yes, freehold office space is available to lease or purchase within JLT. To learn more visit our JLT Property Page.

What type of property solutions I can opt for my company?

We have ample of property solutions available for you; the selection of property could be determined by the size of your company, number of employees or the kind of business you will be providing:

  • Shared desk
  • Serviced office
  • Co-working space
  • Commercial physical office
  • Retail space/shop
  • Industrial unit/ workshop 
  • or Plot

Can I start by purchasing an office and registering it under the new company I wish to setup?

You may first lease the office to provide us with a lease agreement and then purchase the office from the tenant, or you may apply for a short-term flexi desk and then shift to the office and apply for license amendment.

Does DMCC offer flexi-desks/virtual office solutions?

DMCC has a wide range of Business Centre products and services available including flexi desks and serviced offices. Please contact DMCC on 600 54 3622 (within the UAE), + 9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE) or learn/enquire more at this page.

Can our company have multiple offices?

Yes, you can have multiple offices in one tower on one license. However, DMCC requires separate licenses for offices that are in separate towers.

Do you allow factories in the DMCC area?

Jewelry manufacturing and light industries are allowed in the DMCC.

Who should submit the Audited Financial Reports?

All companies registered and licensed by DMCC and operate within the DMCC are required to submit online their Audited Financial Statements on annual basis.

Is there a requirement to appoint auditors and to submit annual accounts of the company?

Yes, an annual financial audit must be conducted and submitted to DMCC. While the standard reporting period is one calendar year, a company may nominate a different reporting period. The first reporting period will commence from the date of incorporation and must not be less than six months and not more than eighteen months.

Does the audit have to be done by a local auditor?

The auditor needs to hold valid license by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Before engaging an audit firm, DMCC advises all companies to ensure their auditor holds the necessary licenses.

Are branch companies required to submit the Audited Financial Statements?

Yes, Branch Companies are required to submit the Audited Financial Statements ensuring one of the options:

Submit a copy of the Audit Financial Statements of the branch office along with the Company Audited Financial Report Summary Sheet.

Alternatively, Submit a copy of the consolidated financials of the parent company and the Company Audited Financial Report Summary Sheet including the contribution of the branch. In either ways, the reports have to be submitted through the company online portal.

Can Freezone Companies import and export goods?

Yes, Freezone companies can import goods as per the below general guidelines:

  1. Only Freezone licensed companies holding trading licenses are allowed to import goods.
  2. Goods must be in conformity with the activity of the licensed company; except in the case of the company importing goods for its own use such as furniture, and equipment for their office operations. It will be allowed, however, those companies must keep a record of all items that have been brought into the Freezone, as Dubai Customs will need to see that those items have not been, later, transferred to the mainland without payment of the customs duties.
  3. The importer must obtain a valid importer code from Dubai Customs.
  4. Dubai Customs issue two types of Import/Export Codes which are ‘Freezone Code’ and ‘Onshore Code’.
  5. The Freezone code allows only the import and re-export to other countries and hence goods are not allowed to enter the mainland unless they are cleared through a limited liability trading company or a logistics provider.
  6. DMCC companies have an exception to obtain an ‘Onshore Code’ for Gold and Diamond Trading only.

Do I need to pay Customs duty to bring the goods to DMCC?

Freezone licensees can import goods or equipment into the Free Zone from a foreign country without payment of customs duties. While Free Zones are physically within the borders of the UAE, they are outside the customs borders. Customs duty is only paid when goods are moved out of the Free Zone; that is, imported into the UAE. Numerous warehousing facilities are available in the port for companies that wish to store and re-export their goods. A deposit is payable to the full value of the customs duty, which is refunded on re-export. DMCC recommends that its members contact Dubai Customs to ensure they are completely familiar with all requirements. It is important to ensure that customs records are kept in good order otherwise penalties may apply. Please visit and go to the Freezone section under Declaration and Clearance.

What can I import?

Generally, Freezone companies may import goods that are consistent with their commercial license. The main exception to this is when a company wishes to import goods for their own use, say furniture, and equipment for their office operations. This is allowed, however it is important for those companies to keep good records of all items that have been brought into the Free Zone, as customs will need to see that those items have not been, later, transferred to the mainland without payment of customs duties. It is important to ensure your company is fully compliant.

Can I sell goods in the local market?

You can sell goods in the local market through a distributor. A Freezone company may not directly retail goods to the local market.

What import and export duty applies to goods?

The Customs duty for most items is calculated on the CIF value at the rate of 5%. Imports of liquor/alcohol are subject to a 50% customs duty on their CIF value while imports of tobacco products draw a 100% duty on their CIF value. Many essential items are duty free such as staple foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Gold and diamond traders benefit from a special arrangement between Dubai Customs and DMCC. Diamonds may be imported at a rate of 1% service fee, and gold is imported at a rate of 0.32% service fee, both payable to Dubai Customs. Due to the changing nature of customs, it is always advisable to refer to, wherein the duties applicable are available according to HS codes.

How easy it is to market / exhibit our products in Dubai?

The UAE has a growing economy with demonstrable political stability. The Dubai Government has invested significantly in developing a robust framework for foreign direct investment. Moreover, DMCC actively works with member companies, creating opportunities for business, through industry networks and clubs. Dubai World Trade Centre hosts a vast programme of exhibitions and conferences that are attended by global industry leaders.

What documents do customs need to see?

The documents required by customs may include goods declaration, bill of lading, certificate of origin and invoice copies. However, other documents may be required. As customs requirements may change from time to time, we advise you to visit the Dubai Customs web site for the most up to date information.

What are HS codes?

The Harmonised System Codes (HS Code) is a standard issued by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to unify the classification of the goods. These are six digit codes for identifying different products across the world. For example the code for natural pearls is structured as follows: Section XIV: Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad with precious metal, and articles thereof; imitation jewelry; coin. Chapter 71: Natural or cultured pearls, precious stones, precious metals, metals clad with precious metal, and article thereof; imitation jewelry, coin. Heading 71.01 Pearls, natural or cultured, whether or not worked or graded but not strung, mounted or set; pearls, natural or cultured, temporarily strung for convenience of transport. Code 7101.10 Natural pearls. A full record of HS codes is available through Dubai Customs.

Does DMCC have a Port of its own?

No, however, Jumeirah Lakes Towers is located within 10 km of the main Jebel Ali port, one of the largest ports in the world.

What rules and regulations apply to a company licensed by DMCC?

You may learn more about the DMCC Rules and Regulations here.

Why does DMCC request notarised or notarised and attested documents?

International Law mandates the legalisation to authenticate or certify a legal document so a foreign country's legal system will recognize it as valid and with full legal effect.

What is a shareholder?

Is an individual or institution (including a corporation) that legally owns one or more shares of the share capital of a public or private corporation. Shareholders may be referred to as members of a corporation. A person or legal entity becomes a shareholder in a corporation when their name and other details are entered in the corporation's register of shareholders or members.

What is a certificate of Incumbency/ Registry Extract? And how do I obtain this document?

The Certificate of Incumbency is usually issued from the Company Registrar or if they don’t issue such certificate then it can be done through an approved chartered accountant (shouldn’t be issued from the Company Itself) and it states who are the authorized signatories of the parent company , who are its shareholders, directors, managers and their powers.

C3’s commitment to furthering Impact, via entrepreneurship, is awe inspiring. It has been amazing experience.

Mazen Omair, Co-founder and CEO, EduPloyment

To all fellow founders, it has been a pleasure to work and interact with all of you, I wish you all success in your mission to change the world.

Amr Yusif, Co-founder and CEO, FinFlx

You’ve inspired us to dream bigger, and so the real work to apply everything we have learned begins!

Diana Wilde, Co-founder and CEO, Aurora 50
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