C3 Alumni Clickmare is the V-lab Innovation fund award seventh winner!

C3 Alumni Clickmare is the V-lab Innovation fund award seventh winner!

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Founded in 2015, our Startup Accelerator graduate ClickMare started with a mission to bridge the gap for those in need of health insurance. They provide users with microinsurance that makes private healthcare services accessible and breaks financial barriers.

ClickMare has so far helped more than 40,000 Egyptians access quality healthcare services offering up to 80% benefit coverage at monthly premiums less than EGP50 (US$3) per family and a network of 2,600+ providers.

“Egypt’s large and growing population will continue to fuel demand for healthcare projects. There is a neglected category of SMEs and families that can’t pay the private sector’s medical insurance and can’t appeal to the national health insurance,” said Dr. Ahmed Yousef, founder and CEO of ClickMare, explaining the pain his team is trying to provide a solution for.

The startup’s growth rate doubled in 2021 due to the rapid increase in syndicates and the expansion of SMEs. ClickMare’s upcoming plans include expanding in Alexandria and enhancing medical records.

The V-Lab Innovation Fund Award in partnership with Oxfam in the Middle East and North Africa and the برنامج الشراكة الدنماركية العربية    Danish- Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) was launched in recognition of the hardworking entrepreneurs who are motivated to build innovative solutions during the post-pandemic era in the areas of financial Inclusion, green economy, job creation, social impact and inclusion, agritech, health-tech and ed-tech. Recipients of the award received up to EGP 120K to support their startups and widen their impact.

ClickMare is not the only winner from the healthcare industry! Want to know about the others? Follow AUC Venture Lab.

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