C3/Bain & Company Social Impact Consulting Event

C3/Bain & Company Social Impact Consulting Event

C3 and Bain & Company  have partnered to co-organize a full-day of workshops and speed consulting sessions that helped 10 selected C3 social entrepreneurs clarify their business strategies and get ready for success! C3 social entrepreneurs got a chance to meet with more than 30 high-caliber experienced management consultants from Bain & Company, who were excited to offer their business advice to C3 entrepreneurs in a fun and relaxed environment! Some great pictures HERE

Keep it Clean a social enterprise providing easy solutions for individuals to take better care of the environment, was voted as the best social enterprise and was awarded with two-months of pro-bono Bain & Company consulting support! “It is a great honour to be selected as the best social enterprise”, says John van Zulyen, Founder of the winning project ‘Keep it Clean’. The entrepreneur believes that “getting Bain consultants ‘approval’ on our concept is really encouraging. Having the official support from Bain will help us to be more legitimate and give us the initial credentials we are still missingto get global brands associate with us.” For more details you can check HERE

Some comments from participants:

Jean-Marie Pean, partner and chairman of Bain & Company Middle East, said: “It’s always interesting to test our ability of creating value to different audiences. We may be very helpful for CEOs of large corporations that we usually deal with, but it is very useful also to be relevant for entrepreneurs. It’s good to know that we bring some balance to their ideas.

Dr. Yasar Jarrar, a Bain Partner and Head of the MENA Social & Public Sector Practice in the Middle East says, “this is a very unique initiative, having around 30 Baines volunteering their time to meet some of C3’s most inspiring young entrepreneurs in a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere to discuss strategic business challenges. This was a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to get a fresh strategic look at their business from Bain consultants, including some of our very senior partners.”

Gregory Garnier, a Bain Partner Head of the Telecommunications, Media and Technology Practice in the Middle East says “it was also challenging and refreshing for us to help create a new business instead of working with established companies. It feels good to apply our professional skills to give back to the community.”

For Noor El Masri, an associate consultant, the experience is something to be repeated. “We tried to give the best advice using the tools that we know, putting ourselves in their shoes. I really liked it and felt the impact I created by helping them, and I’d love to do it again. I’m also curious to know what the progress is in a few months”, she says.

Ragy Khairy, Founder of the counselling and health website Eshraq, found the sessions very useful to his social enterprise: “Bain consultants showed me new ways that I haven’t thought about, to reach partners, to make my social enterprise credible to the public and to make people relate with Eshraq by presenting situations in which our service can be useful. It’s a rare opportunity to get focus and attention from a big company such as Bain.”

Thanks to The A4 Space (ALSERKAL Avenue) for hosting us!