Desert Control won the GREEN AWARD for INNOVATION at Greentech festival in Berlin

Desert Control won the GREEN AWARD for INNOVATION at Greentech festival in Berlin

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Norwegian Ag-Tech company Desert Control was recognized at the Greentech Festival for their technology innovation LNC and efforts to stop and reverse desertification and soil degradation.

Berlin, June 23rd, 2021: The Greentech Festival brought the world’s most prominent thought leader stogether to put innovative green technologies for a sustainable future on the global stage.

The highlight of the event was the Green Awards, honouring the most innovative projects and the most influential visionaries in the field of sustainability. The award celebrates those who make a difference by spotlighting the most innovative projects and minds to pay tribute to the best sustainable ideas worldwide.

The event hosted more than 3 000 live guests and over 150 accredited journalists. The digital livestreams reached over 2.5 million people and social media channels another 1.2 million people.

At this event, Desert Control won the Green Award for Innovation for their solution Liquid Natural Clay (LNC).

The Greentech Festival is leading the way on how to grow green by creating an inspiring space for people, ideas, innovations, companies, and organizations that change the world for the better.

“Exactly what we need with the challenge ahead of us,“ says Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

The Green Awards celebrate the most innovative projects and minds. The award honours outstanding personalities, institutions, companies, start-ups, and innovations — a glamorous tribute to the best sustainable ideas worldwide.

Desert Control was recognized with the Green Award for Innovation for its Liquid Natural Clay (LNC).The company has developed a process that turns natural clay into a liquid that can reverse desertification, rehabilitate degraded soils, and reduce water consumption for green ecosystems. External scientific validation carried out by independent research organizations document water savings of up to 50%, improved soil health, and increased yields.

CEO of Desert Control, Ole Kristian Sivertsen, was in Berlin to receive the award:-

We are honoured to be recognized as a green innovator and sustainable changemaker. And more importantly, we are grateful that the Greentech Festival is putting the global spotlight on the importance of combating desertification, soil degradation, droughts, and water scarcity.

-Huge thanks to all our team members, co-founders, investors, partners, and everyone out there for believing in and taking part in our mission to make earth green again. It takes hard work driven by passion over a long time to become an overnight success, says Sivertsen.

How they do that? Why it is necessary? 👉🏼 Watch the trailer that was played at this year's award show if you want to know more here.