Meet the eight startups on the C3 IR (Investor Readiness) Africa Program

Meet the eight startups on the C3 IR (Investor Readiness) Africa Program

Here is a glimpse about the amazing 8 start-ups that took part in the C3 IR (Investor Readiness) Program and the Impact Pitch Day as part of the Impact Investment Forum Africa

Coliba Recycling seeks to innovatively address the plastic waste pollution in the West Africa region through a franchise model that integrates Coliba Rangers (Waste pickers) into the digital platform that enables homes, institutions and communities start and request recycling services with click of the finger.

Chaperone use digital platforms to create opportunities for individuals and small business by giving them access to customers and enabling them to transact, borrow and save money.

Mazi Mobility is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) company leveraging clean energy to re-imaging mobility by implementing electric motorbikes.

MotiSure is an API powered insurtech platform that provides a personal accident cover for commuters and riders inAfrica through embedding the cover in tickets, commissions and other points of sale.

Farmcrowdy is a global Agritech company focused on helping stakeholders in the food value chain maximize their output and increase their profits with technology Farmgate platform leverages technology to connect over 420k food value chain participants with access to finance,reduce the cost of production, open market access and harvest better yields (all in one place).

Inseco is an insect protein company that converts organic by-products (i.e. food waste) into insect-based proteins, oils, fertilisers and chitosan. Inseco’s products have numerous applications in animal feed, pet food, crop production, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals Using cutting edge technology, Inseco are responding to the demand for sustainable and high-quality ingredients to feed a rapidly growing global population.

Jamborow is a fintech company platform that provides white label solutions (SaaS) to provide access to financial services for informal, unbanked and underbanked sectors across Africa to promote economic and financial inclusion.

Lightbulb Education is an EdTech software and solutions company, focusing on providing online learning and training management systems and solutions Lightbulb has been used as a means to continue learning and training during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting multiple institutions and organisations.