Defining and Measuring your Social Impact

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What is Social Entrepreneurship

The  animation is made to explain the concept of social entrepreneurship to the  general public and raise awareness of the importance of this type of  business.

Transitioning from the MDGs to the SDGs

This  video shares the Background on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Maximize  your impact: a guide for entrepreneurs

This guide is for social entrepreneurs who want to maximize their positive impact and want a practical approach to help them do that.

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DIY Toolkit | Theory Of Change

A short  and quick video showing how to fill out a DYI toolkit for your startup's Theory of Change (ToC)

A step-by-step guide on Theory of Change

From designing your social impact business to measuring if it actually works.

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Measure Your Impact with Social Return on Investment

Watch this video for a quick overview on measuring SROI before digging into the guides below.

The Beginners Guide To Social Return On Investment

This guide beginners guide to Social Return On Investment (SROI) helps you understand the basics of Social Return on Investment (SROI), and how it can help you measure your impact.

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Step by step guide to SROI analysis

This step-by-step handbook will guide you through the various steps of the SROI analysis and offer advice on every aspect you need to take into account.

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